OpusClip Media Kit & Brand Assets
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We sincerely appreciate your support and hope it provides a better understanding of OpusClip.
About OpusClip
OpusClip is #1 AI video clipping and editing tool that repurposes your long videos into viral short videos in one click.
It uses a proprietary curation model powered by the latest GPT to analyze and pick the gold nuggets from different parts of your video, and seamlessly rearranges them into viral short clips that stand on their own.
Today, we are proud to support over five million creators and businesses.
We are on a mission to enable everyone to become video creators without the need for editing or prompting skills.
OpusClip Logo
Thumbnail and customer logos
OpusClip Video Assets
OpusClip 3.0 (3.0 release)
OpusClip Hero Video (no sound)
OpusClip Captions (FREE) https://opus.pro/captions
Opus Clip Feature highlights (13 sec, no sound)
Auto B-roll
Biggest Values of OpusClip
Create 10x faster and post daily. 90% time saved. No editing skills required.
Opus Clip can create 30 clips in 10 minutes and outperform manual video editing by saving 90% time and tons of money.
Grow faster: Gain thousands of views in one day
Hundreds of creators shared with us that days after they posted shorts created by Opus Clip, they gained thousands of views and tons of subscribers.
Grant Cardone, world-renowned entrepreneur and coach, uses OpusClip to repurpose past videos and post short videos daily, gaining hundreds of thousands of views every day.
Caleb Hammer, the famed finance YouTuber, uses OpusClip for his shorts channel. In just 3 months, he gained 30k+ subscribers and tens of millions of views.
SaaStr, the largest B2B community, cold-started their short content marketing in the fastest way using OpusClip, posting at least 1 short every day.
The best-in-class technology
OpusClip exhibits human-level performance on various video creation and editing benchmarks.
AI Curation
The smartest curation model that finds entertaining or thought-provoking content from your long-form videos.
Auto Reframe
Visual intelligence that smartly track Active speaker and moving subjects to create professional podcast clips
AI Virality Score
Our AI automatically generates a score to show the virality potential of each short clip.
AI Co-Pilot
You can give our AI instructions on what to clip, and how to clip it.
Clip Anything
Coming soon: Any genre of long-form video can be autonomously edited into viral shorts, including vlogs, sports, news, gaming, etc.
AI B-Roll
We use AI to generate contextually relevant B-roll, making video engaging and stunning, even if your original content does not have an A-roll.
Seamlessly integrate into your workflow
Team Workspace
Collaborate seamlessly with your teammates in your workspace.
Autopost & Scheduler
Directly post shorts to your channels, or schedule for later.
Export to XML
Easily export to Adobe Premiere Pro for more advanced editing.
Ideas on Weaving OpusClip into Your Stories
How to Make 30 Youtube Shorts in 1 Hour Using AI (Think Media)
The AI Video Editor That Will 10x Your Content Creation


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